70 percent of best in class companies use customer feedback to make strategic decisions.

B2B and B2C Sales


Lead Generation and Qualification

It is important to keep the sales pipeline full of opportunities. DataLink can provide expertise in generating/obtaining lists and qualifying leads to deliver to sales

10% of good leads will result in appointments, and only 4 of those will close

Telemarketing generates a response rate that’s 4 times as much as direct mail, and 13 times as much as email*

*DMA’s 2012 Response Rate Report

DataLink keeps your sales force focused on closing the sale, not generating leads




Inside Sales 

An efficient and cost effective way to manage accounts between sales visits or manage the relationship completely.

DataLink’s telephone sales representatives can reach 20 to 30 qualified prospects in a day

DataLink’s inside sales team will inform prospects about your programs, follow up on mailers and emails, sell promotions and send out additional information upon request

A mix between inside and outside sales will maximize your sales potential and keep costs low


Relationship Management

The key to transforming a new customer into a lifetime customer.

69 percent of customers leave a business because no one paid attention to them

Your Relationship strategy may include:







DataLink can help to make sure all of your contacts are made on schedule



New customer welcome

Satisfaction surveys

Feedback solicitation


Preferred customer offers

Invitations to special events

Appointment setting and reminders