"DataLink Services has far exceeded our expectations. When we began our relationship with them in 2008, we had no idea that we would grow to depend on their services for nearly all of our competitive data collection needs. Their flexible staffing works well with our unpredictable work load. I’ve been able to reduce staff and data collection costs by shifting the workload to the DataLink team."

— Pricing Services, Automotive Aftermarket Distribution Company

"We have utilized the services of DataLink for promotional preparedness and it vastly improved our customer penetration. DataLink provided clear, concise, accurate and timely information that was cost effective. They understand the market in which we operate, which lends to ease of execution when implementing any program we bring to them."

— Senior Market Manager, Automotive Aftermarket Distribution Company

"Over the past three years we have utilized DataLink for pricing surveys and customer data collection projects. In both cases, DataLink approached the project quickly and efficiently, providing the results we were searching for in a very cost effective manner. Their results have always been positive, thus we continue to rely on them today for ongoing and future projects."

— Product Manager, Automotive Aftermarket Distribution Company