Frequently Asked Questions

Do your agents receive continuous training throughout the year?

We provide our agents, supervisors and management continual training throughout each year. We find that through one-on-one mentoring, group sessions, and client-based strategic sessions we are able to stay fresh and adopt a team approach to staying consistent in all areas of customer service and inside sales.


How do you set your pricing?

We do not have a generic menu of pricing as each campaign and request is different. We customize solutions based on the scope of each project. Please contact us directly to discuss the parameters of your needs and we will build a quote quickly for your organization to consider.


How large is your call center? How many calls can you handle?

DataLink is as large as our clients need us to be! We have the capability to be flexible based on our customers demands with in-house and virtual agent capability. We are currently staffed to manage 75,000 calls monthly and in doing so have maintained a 98.5% inbound call answer ratio. The speed and flexibility we have to staff any project is a major benefit for our clients.


How long has your company provided contact center services?

Datalink began as an offspring to our parent organization who has been servicing customers since 1934. Since Datalinks inception in 2008 we have grown our operations into a full service customer support contact center.


What industries do you support?

Our goal is to provide professional, experienced based solutions to all industries. Our business was born out of a need in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry but that is only our foundation. We have honed our team based approach with dedicated agents to be able to service any industry.